What's the difference between a Vinyl Fence & a Wood Fence

by Carolina Deck and Fence on July 30, 2013

Whether you just moved into a new house that doesn't have a fence or you are looking to upgrade the current fence that you have, it is important to know what options are available to you. Your budget is most likely your biggest factor when choosing between a vinyl or wood fence, but you should take into consideration the different advantages and disadvantages before making your decision based solely on the price.

Many people use wood fences because they look nice and they are not as expensive as vinyl. However, the initial price is a little deceptive when you take into consideration the maintenance that each one requires to keep looking nice. You obviously want a fence that will last a while, otherwise you would just get the cheapest one built and then replace it every couple of years. Wood fences are cheaper upfront, but they do require more maintenance. Since wood is not as resistant to weather as vinyl, you may have to paint or stain a wood fence annually, depending on what it is exposed to. You may also have to replace some boards after a few years if termites get to them, or if bumps cause the wood to chip off in places.

Vinyl fences cost a little more upfront, but they require little or no maintenance when installed. Vinyl is more weather resistant than wood and can take the force of more bumps or bangs without breaking. You can go without painting vinyl fences for a long time and you won't have to worry about termites or other bugs damaging them. You will most likely never have to replace anything on a vinyl fence unless there is a very strong force applied to it.

Ultimately, wood fences could cost more than vinyl over time because of the maintenance required. You need to take into consideration the type of wood you want to use and do some research on its durability so you know how long you can expect it to look nice without maintenance required. So when you are looking at your budget to decide which type of fence to install, take into consideration how long you want the fence to last and what maintenance would be required over that period of time. You will get a better representation of how much the fence would cost you and can make a better educated decision.

There are a number of options and things to consider as you look to have a new fence built. Download our fence buyers guide and make an informed decision. Give us a call at 704-490-4480 to discuss your project and receive a free planning & design consultation or click here to have us reach out to you.

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